Fresh Sawn Oak. OAK BEAMS. All of the beams … ADD YOUR 'SPEC' Input required profile, timber species, dimensions and total length to get an instant price 3. They are approx 7x7 inches. The wood itself is believed to be over 200 years old. I have several solid white ash wood beams for sale. As mentioned, keep the sills dry or use locust, white oak, or black cherry (boxed heartwood that you can't mill into lumber) for sills. PLACE YOUR ORDER ... Ash – American. Our cut to size European Ash wood timber products (also called sawn to size) are literally sawn down to your chosen measurements and come straight off the saw with no machining performed to the edges, unlike our planed all round products.. European Ash is a brownish-white colour with some brown streaks occasionally running through the heartwood. Lumber for sale in a variety of species, including black walnut, quilted maple, curly maple, spalted maple, alder, birch, red cedar, and more. The beams were removed from the foundation of 150 year old house. As I mentioned in another thread, I recently got a mill, and part of what I want to do with it is make beams out of ash trees as replacements for beams in my 200+ year old barn, as well as floorboards and perhaps even clap boards. P.S. Call 604-504-5434 PPBs (powder post beetles) love ash; spray them with a boric acid solution. Tulipwood £4.04. They vary in length from 3 ft to the largest being approximately 7ft long. Oak – American White £5.50. Browse by profile or PAR timber species or Oak Beams 2. Iroko £5.23. Sapele £4.79. Grown, owned and produced in Victoria, MASSLAM is a range of glue-laminated timber systems (including hardwood beams, columns and floors); intended for large domestic and commercial structures; designed and manufactured for assembly. Best Sellers. End coat the logs/beams ASAP as ash checks badly, then allow them to dry slowly to further minimize checking. MASSLAM is Australian Sustainable Hardwoods’ (ASH) range of mass timber solutions. Wood for sale - Cookies and slabs Spalted Birch and Ash lumber Gatineau 02/11/2020 all sorts of wood cookies.oak,maple,cherry,white and yellow birch,spalted maple,hemlock and more.perfect for epoxy and charcutterie/serving boards. 1st Quality Sawn to Size European Ash. Air Dried Oak.