The society turned on them, however, and though they freed Sorrow, they lost Rag Doll . You can search for Kid Flash had been watching over Artemis for some time and questioned Artemis about her costume. Artemis also appears in the comic based on the television show. She is also one of many characters to use the name Tigress. She made it out, but barely. However, when the villains regrouped, Solomon Grundy turned on Artemis and her parents, but they managed to escape in the confusion. Dr. Hayes calls out to his son and begs him to stop. Artemis Crock is the daughter of the Justice Society villains Paula Brooks (the Tigress and the Huntress) and Lawrence "Crusher" Crock (the Sportsmaster). In the final episode, Wally and Artemis kiss during the New Years Eve celebration. Though Artemis was not fully introduced in the Cartoon Network animated series until the sixth episode Infiltrator, she was featured in the early promotional material along with the other characters. Pre-DC's New 52, Artemis Crock was a villain who most notably had run-ins with Stargirl, Hawkgirl, and the JSA. The "Denial" episode had Artemis become frustrated with Wally's stubborn refusal to acknowledge the idea of magic, and their somewhat antagonistic relationship persisted. She has taken up a career in crime, modeled after that of her parents. 39 Appearances of Artemis Crock (New Earth), 26 Images featuring Artemis Crock (New Earth), Quotations by or about Artemis Crock (New Earth), Character Gallery: Artemis Crock (New Earth),, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. She joined the Wizard’s new Injustice Society, calling it Injustice Unlimited. Batman and Green Arrow later invited Artemis to join the team. Unfortunately, Peter escapes and Dr. Hayes dies from exhaustion. Her mission was to protect Dr. Serling Roquette from members of the League of Shadows. send you an email once approved. The heroes accompany Icicle and Tigress to a nearby hospital near the bottom of the mountainside. Artemis and Cameron later appear to be working with as well as fighting against Hourman along with Liberty Belle during their search of a magical artifact. Due to Artemis being ashamed of her villainous heritage, she wanted her family life kept a secret from her teammates. The cave is on the southern face of the Alps located in Davos. Artemis is a villain originally going by Artemis, but she later adopted her mother's alias Tigress. Artemis went after Jade, but the beast still had feelings for the Green Lantern's daughter, he intervened. A plan was hatched to bring the remaining Infinity team members together and kill them all. She was trained from an early age, and as such is a very skilled athlete and archer. The trio follows Peter to an underground metro station. The team rallies together one last time and heads toward Prague. A little while after, Artemis rejoined the group, this time with Icicle, Hazard, Harlequin, The Dummy and Solomon Grundy. She had the hawk at her mercy, but when she wanted to finish her off, she was blasted from behind. When the trio returns to meet up with Liberty Belle, both Liberty Belle and Icicle fall into a trap. Tigress takes the initiative by lunging at Peter but her rash action almost gets her run over by a passing train. Artemis was startled to find herself in that particular costume. Meanwhile, the other members of the team vow to avenge Artemis by taking down Aqualad, unaware of his true loyalties. Back in their hideout, Artemis was furious at Icicle, who had known someone needed to die to free Sorrow. According to their benefactor Boris Hayes, the staff's powers can give its user the ability to travel as fast lightning and become as intangible as the wind. Just when things seemed a bit brighter, Peter's frozen self melts and he returns to his fog-like form. The Wizard had promised Johnny Sorrow that he would bring him back into this realty. They viewed Turga as the devil himself so they stole the staff right from under him and rallied a massive mob to slay Turga. This unnerved Icicle, as his mother had died giving birth to him, and he feared she might be hurt too. The team discovers markings on one corner of the church that portrays the life of Turga the Vile, an 11th century warlord who used the staff to conquer Europe. She has exceptional hunting skills and has an enhanced sense of smell that allows her to track individuals. Peter on the other hand, transforms into a blue form of Mist and escapes. Teen Titans Annual #1 - The Culling, Part One. This eventually attracted the attention of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Justice Society Villains" category. They attacked the Brownstone, but were singlehandedly defeated by Wildcat. Black Manta later vows vengeance on Miss Martian, and tasks Psimon with healing his son's damaged mind. Artemis puts an end to her mother's sorrow by agreeing to attend the school in order to please her mother. Together with Merlyn and his protégé Turk, she formed the archery team. Artemis took on Wildcat, but lost. But because he made a promise, Hourman stole the staff from its storage and lended it to Artemis so she could give safe birth to a daughter, Isabelle Rose.[9]. Some time in her childhood, her sister ran away from home, seeking a better life. Tigress, Icicle and Hourman chase after Peter while Liberty Belle continues to decipher any other clues. They had created this contingency plan with the Wizard before they were sent to jail, and Artemis was glad to play her part. Peter makes one last attempt to steal the staff but his father transforms into a red mist to combat his son. Character » [6], Artemis, Shadow Thief and Copperhead were hired to find a diamond by Kristopher Roderic. The trap involves falling into a pit while a stone slap descends from above. Artemis is the daughter of infamous star athlete Lawrence Crock and Blue Valley High School gym coach, Paula Brooks. Wizard contacted the Society for backup. Artemis Lian Crock is a fictional comic book superhero, appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her father divorced her mother, leaving Artemis and her mother alone. After Turga's senseless assaults on the European churches, a collective of priests banded together in the belief that Turga's staff was carved from the forbidden tree that Adam & Eve had eaten from in the Garden of Eden. The priests agreed that Turga's followers would want the staff for themselves so they hid the staff and designed elaborate clues for anyone who wanted to learn of the staff's location in order to protect it from evil. Hourman knew that both Tigress and Icicle would eventually stoop to treachery if it was in their best interest. In the end Artemis was handed over to the authorities. Icicle encased Brainwave in ice. Icicle and Tigress are led through the Alps by a guide but unbeknownst to either of them, their guide is Peter Hayes in disguise. [1], The Wizard recruited a number of children of Justice Society villains to form Injustice Unlimited. The Dummy planned to make the world take notice of this Injustice Unlimited by murdering the members of Infinity Inc. Their first target, Skyman, was successfully killed by Harlequin. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. In no time at all, Tigress wakes up after the surgery and is committed to bringing down Peter for what he tried to do.