If even a fraction of them show up in future updates that's make an already fun game even better. Two new stand-alone buildings are mentionedGreat!! I can't say I'm a fan. I just don't think Animal Crossing New Horizons falls under that camp, and I'd say most would agree given it's excellent review scores and record-breaking success. Aber nun hat scheinbar ein Franzose jetzt schon das Spiel in die Hände bekommen. Nothing is safe from dataminers. It's like person says "I don't like this practice by comanies" then you respond "oh yeah well they do it." @meeto_1 in this case a lot of this stuff existed day 1 in NL. There are sometimes small removals here and there but overall it's always been for 20 years you can count on certain things being there. It really needs these additions, and some quality of life updates. So its not as if they refreshed the graphics and that's it. Il l’a aimé, Bonjour la censure? . @RupeeClock Fair enough, but previous Animal Crossing games did manage that without the need to download the rest of the game. Hopefully it makes a full comeback, Growing Veg and being able to make meals would be cool imo. Not fun at all. @darkswabber it did. I have been wondering about Redd, and why I saw Blather's sister. This is NOT a good thing.". Heureusement, pour ceux d’entre nous qui veulent un aperçu précoce, il est toujours possible de découvrir tous les nouveaux éléments grâce à la magie du datamining. To the people dumping on this, we aren't talking about a game where they released a base bones game with half the content and then changed extra after the fact to add only SOME of that content back. Obtenez les dernières Actualités, Guides et Tests pour les jeux joués sur différentes plateformes comme PC, Android, Nintendo, Xbox, iOS, Stadia et Playstation. @RainbowGazelle lol gtfoh. A museum cafe would be cool.Of all of those, I think the one that really should be there is the swimming and diving. But in New Leaf you could actually tell if it was fake or not by looking at it, such as the fake Mona Lisa's hands being in a different position or the fake Venus de Milo having long hair instead of short. I was disappointed to find out they removed swimming. I guess that even for them is something really cool since they see new content from a game that they played differently. @RainbowGazelle I mean, it's a way of getting players to come back to the game, and ease them into something that they may continue to play for a long time by limiting activity at the start as to not overwhelm them. @Crockin I personally don't think it's huge. The fact this new game had tonnes of stuff to do, even more if you wan't to decorate your island from top to bottom using the new Terraforming features, some people will never be happy no matter what. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, plongée, cuisine, couture et agrandissement du musée, de possibles nouveautés dataminées Le mardi 21 Avril 2020 à 14h38 par Auxance M. Like, for instance, when Ryu was leaked for Smash 4, that put an incredible damper on his actual announcement and the hype just wasn't nearly as big as it would have been otherwise. Although I hate leaking and datamining, this actually looks amazing. NH feels like it's missing something, with lots of observation. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons könnten bald noch einige neue Funktionen hinzukommen. That’s a good set of features there. It gives them more control and takes away rights from the consumer. If someone buys a physical edition of the game at that point they lose about 70% of the game. En particulier, ne manquez pas nos guides populaires Champignons, Feuilles d’érable, Nouveaux poissons et insectes en novembre, Articles de coffret fantasmagoriques, Glands et pommes de pin, Redd Art et Sea Creatures.