IAC097I – 9000BTU - Rs. IAC187I – 18000BTU - Rs. wow.lk (11) RetailGenius (12) MyStore.lk (9) Takas.lk (6) daraz.lk (99) Clicknshop.lk (9) Air Cooler Prices in Sri Lanka . Rs. To Go. The sleekest cooler in the Diet series, this little Power house has an air throw of 23 cubic meter. The whisper-quiet fan and soothing night light make it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep! All 120mm 140mm . Get the best Air Coolers prices in Sri Lanka only on BuyAbans. Symphony Air Cooler - DiET 8i. Sri Lanka Air Cooler Price, Air Cooler Price from Sri Lanka Supplier - Find Variety Air Cooler Price from air cooler ,evaporative air cooler ,dongguan air cooler, Industrial Air Conditioners Suppliers Located in Sri Lanka, Buy Air Cooler Price Made in Sri Lanka on Alibaba.com. 112,990 (Retail Rs. Night-light: lets watching what is the bigger difference from others, this table fan designed night-light, what could we image that, we could work and read at the midnight, somehow, this mini desk fan is night lamp The light has two model, Sound Mute: three speed mode selected button on the fan back, astonishingly,whatever which mode you hold on, it not only keep sounds nearly quiet but also cool breeze, Versatility: the mount of the mini fans designed clip so it can sit on a desk or table.The clip is fairly large, grips well, and the mount is sturdy.You can used on bed headboard,desk,baby stroller,baby playpen,etc, USB charging cable: build-in upgraded rechargeable battery for all USB output device. Innovex Split Type Standard HOTLINE - 0777 476 479 | SALES - 0703 476 479 | ENGINEERING - … CS-S24TKH – CU-S24TKH – 24000BTU - Rs. Great for outdoors too! IAC097S – 9000BTU - Rs. Air Conditioners. Showing all 4 results. Discover More. Shop online now and we deliver at your doorstep. Ask anything to Abans Suppot. 273,673). (verified owner) – November 21, 2019, Anonymous Air Cooler / Fan. Buy this HONEYWELL Air Cooler 15L - 290CFM Online and Save big. 134,990 (Retail Rs. Hygienic: keep your toothpaste and brush dry and clean. The powerful, compact personal air cooler that pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to fill any space with cool, clean comfortable air! 178,990) 148,900 Innovex Split Type Standard IIAC097S – 9000BTU - Rs. IAC127I – 12000BTU - Rs. Rs. Pay by Cards, Ez-cash, m-cash Or Cash On Delivery! Some of them even have to vent out a window, making it very inconvenient. AR12TVHYBWKNIG – 12000BTU - Rs. Simply fill with water, plug it into any standard wall outlet or USB port and enjoy! 142,090) Personal Space Cooler that Lets You Create Your Own Personal Comfort Zone.NOTE: Kindly refer the user manual before usage of the product. 94,900 IAC187S – 18000BTU - Rs. 128,900 IAC247S – 24000BTU - Rs. 128,900 Innovex Split Type Standard IIAC097S – 9000BTU - Rs. 236,890), Panasonic Inverter Aero Series 3,000. රු 23,999.00. 214,990(Retail Rs. MENU MENU Alibaba.com. Add to Wishlist. CS-S18TKH – CU-S18TKH – 18000BTU - Rs. 124,990 (Retail Rs. Arctic Air cools, humidifies, and purifies for better air! CS-S13TKH – CU-S13TKH – 13000BTU - Rs. 18,990. Online Best Price in Sri Lanka. 128,900 IAC247S – 24000BTU - Rs. Enjoy Cool, Clean Air…Anywhere! Compare. 224,990 (Retail Rs. The product cools only the immediate area around the user, Cools, Humidifies, and Purifies for Better Air; Easy-Fill Water Tank Lasts Up to 8 Hours! It’s great for dens, reading nooks, work, dorm rooms, offices, home offices, campers, work spaces, benches, basements, garages and more! Honeywell Air Cooler – CL151. Air Cooler / Fan. LKR 4,289.95.