The Best Gaming Deals For Black Friday 2020 (Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, And Xbox One/Series X) ... Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review First Released May 30, 2013. released. This collection contains Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice For All and Trials and Tribulations. Capcom has successfully brought the game into the modern era … The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy has made it’s way to the PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch providing 3 full games worth of interesting cases to investigate and solve. Despite feeling that this was a bit of a missed opportunity, the Phoenix Wright Trilogy on the Switch has now become my recommended way to experience this classic story thanks to its various quality of life updates and solid price point. Fun Tidbit – Favorite character from the Ace Attorney series? 4 / 5 . Miles Edgeworth, of course! 3DS; Game Info Release Date: 09/04/2019 . This collection combines three older games into one. Rating: PG . Parents need to know that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a downloadable text-driven legal drama for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Windows PCs. Overview Genre: Adventure . It stars a young, clever lawyer who relies on his smarts rather his fists and truly wants to see justice served. The rookie lawyer is nervous and unsure about proper courtroom etiquette, which plays to the game’s strengths as … Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is perfectly at home on Nintendo Switch, its gameplay fun and engaging for players both new and old. The first game of the trilogy – aptly named Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, begins with Phoenix Wright preparing for his first case. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a solid example of remastering done well. Overall . Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Switch Review . Although it has one or two minor issues, the overall experience is one highly recommended to anyone looking for a … Bringing the Ace Attorney series to a brand new generation, the same trilogy has now been remade and scaled into high definition for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.