Es Increíble Un Journey bajo el agua. It's okay, but rating it a 9 is just ridiculous. The most gorgeous. @KIRO I'm with you. Over a year ago, this was a recommendation by two popular YouTube channels that insisted people played it. Mitch has been a fan of Nintendo ever since he got his start on the GBA in 2005. It plays excellently, with no lag or compromises as far as the visuals go, and having headphones in is the best way to experience the catharsis of such a noteworthy game. It’s one of the most captivating and moving experiences one can have with a video game. I don't like Journey-style games at all, so I know this is not for me, but I'm really happy Switch is getting all kind of great games.This year the third party support has been GREAT! Guys if you haven't played this or are on the fence, GET IT. AB steht für Wasser und ZÛ für Wissen. At the heart of Abzû lies a subtle story, too, about the rise and fall of an ancient underwater civilization that was destroyed by a sinister mechanical pyramid. I HATED this game. Discover a lush hidden world as you descend into the heart of the ocean, where ancient secrets lie forgotten and encounters with majestic creatures await. Beyond its marvelous looking environment and absolutely mindblowing soundtrack, ABZÛ leaves all its promises unfulfilled, aggravated by the fact that it becomes obvious this game could have delivered so much more. Generally favorable reviews - No Fowl Play Here, This Is A Great Detective Adventure, Guide: Pokémon Sword And Shield - All Ash’s Pikachu Codes. Whether it was an emotional scene, a. Oh. It also ran really badly on the PS4, so I daren't think what a mess the Switch port must be. @iamthesunset I am the exact opposite of you: when I was little, I like that it is geart towards more of an experience than a 'game' I'm so glad that this has come home to Switch, it's been on my wish list a while and now it's found it's perfect platform. Each ‘room’ is large enough to take about ten to fifteen minutes to fully explore, with various details like ruins, caves and seaweed forests all contributing to the diverse seascapes, and these rooms are seamlessly linked by caves and other passageways. Haha. Have this on PS4 absolutely brilliant it’s more of an experience. Looks gorgeous, shame its so short. This and The First Tree, Old Man's Journey, Gone Home, etc are the types of "un-games" I'm into these days. Abzû is certainly a standout release on the eShop, offering up an experience that breaks from the norm of goal-based gaming in favour of something that’s more focused on simply existing in a world and enjoying all its little intricacies. Resting on the couch and plugging in a pair of headphones granted me passage to experience the game in a new light. Abzû is a game in a league of its own, offering up an experience that’s unique, memorable and mildly spiritual in how it weaves together visuals and sound. I slowly overcame my fear, first by practicing in swimming pools, going from baby pools/paddling pools to actual, full-size pools, and then on to lakes and ultimately, the sea. There’s the rub. Zusammengesetzt ergibt sich daraus das Meer des Wissens. I thought I read it was being ported to the Switch. También quiero aclarar que Abzu fue el juego que hiso devolverme el interés en los videojuegos indies, en pocas palabras si no fuera por Abzu no creo que hubiera seguido comprando juegos indies. That's an example of doing a long game the right way. Wow, thanks for the review. There are no dialogue or cutscenes to be found here; all narrative is explained through environmental details like algae-covered murals on cracked cave walls or a great white shark that guides you from place to place. Before moving on to the next room, there’s usually a light puzzle to solve – such as having to find a little robot or activate two rusty chain pulleys to open a door – but there’s nothing here that even comes close to stumping the player. @Ralizah ah. Finished it over an afternoon on PS4.Nice game but wouldn't double dip. It almost feels wrong to call this a game, this is an experience. Those of you looking for a lengthy experience won’t find much here, as Abzû only takes about three hours to clear; five if you take the time to find the collectable seashells scattered throughout each environment. Despite the open environments, Abzû is a relatively linear experience; essentially it’s a game of jumping between little sandboxes. Este juego me encanto. Except, now I'm enjoying the game and at the same time I literally have a sore thumb. Beautiful. Beautiful. Well unless all you play is COD COD COD then it aint for you. ABZÛ is not proposing to be an action packed experience and there's nothing wrong with that, the problem is ABZÛ delivers very little in terms of gameplay experience, no matter what angle is used to look at it. Okay, this has gone too far haha. Scoring PolicyReview copy provided by 505 Games.